The Laser Energy Clinic (Sports and remedial massage, and laser therapy)



The Laser Energy Clinic was founded to improve peoples general health and wellbeing, by enabling them to regain the joy of pain-free movement.

Thousands of years of evolution moulded our bodies to be able to withstand gravity and move freely. As a result, our physical movement has become an inherent need, so much so that it plays a significant role in the regulation of our natural hormonal and physiological balance.

As time moves forward, it becomes increasingly challenging to balance exercise with our modern lifestyles and avoid falling into harmful sedentary and postural habits. Everyday activities such as staring down at your phone, or sitting for many hours a day with poor posture can have an impact on your physical and mental wellbeing.

Often, pains in small, 'manageable' areas of our bodies can quickly propagate into larger muscular compensation patterns across our bodies, compounding and resulting in intolerable chronic pain elsewhere, such as your neck or back. We firmly believe in the benefits of massage as both a remedial and preventative measure against these problems.

By coupling this treatment with laser therapy, we have significantly improved the benefits of this treatment when compared to massage alone. The synergistic effect of both treatment modalities will help to naturally boost your bodies energy levels, resilience, speed and quality of healing.

Our ultimate goal is to give you back the ability to enjoy the activities you love so that you're able to live a more active and happy lifestyle.