Please use the form to sign-up as a new client. Once you have pressed register, check your email inbox (the one you registered with) for a confirmation message. Once that's done press the button at the bottom of the page to claim your half price intro deal!

New Members

We require you to book a beginners class for your first time with us.

You should participate in beginners classes until you feel confident using the reformer and strong enough to challenge yourself further.

Please ask your trainer to guide you on which class is best suited to your current ability.

Please fill in a PAR-Q form on arrival at the studio. You can find these on reception.

Special Members Offers

Only available to pay monthly members

Cancellation Policy

Please note we operate a strict 24 Hour Cancellation Policy. You must notify the studio of any cancellations by email to

Missed Classes

We understand that some of you may like to attend more than one class a day so we do allow up to 2 class bookings per day.

However, we ask that you only book 2 classes if you intend on attending both.

Continued no shows may result in your booking privileges being curtailed. 

Once you’ve pressed register, check your inbox for your confirmation email, then log into by clicking on the button below (or download the app) using the details you have entered to sign-up above.

Then go to our online store to claim your FREE CLASS (select “Into Offer - First Class Free”)

Please note that this free class is only valid for 7-days from the date of purchase, and can only be claimed once.

We require you to book a beginners class for your first time with us.