I have been to a few different pilates studios over the last few years and Absolute is by far my favourite. The classes are fun, and allow you to push yourself as far as you like... I also had an amazing sports massage there too, it is all really good value for money; both pilates classes and treatments.
I have been coming to Absolute Studios for over three years now... Since suffering from a slipped disc, I have been taking classes regularly, and I have found Pilates to have strengthened me to such an extent that I feel stronger and more flexible than ever before... and this is not an exaggeration! 

I am now attending the Advanced sessions and finding them challenging and yet totally “doable”... and bearing in mind... I’m basically an “old age pensioner”! Luke and his team have improved my experience greatly - I always feel good after a class, I wear a smile on my face, and my body is very happy with the work you have put me through. Thank you to you all at Absolute Pilates... I can’t live healthily without you!
I have been coming to Absolute for nearly four years, and I can honestly say that it is the only form of exercise I’ve ever done that has changed my body shape for the better—including abs that I never thought existed! The instructors are knowledgeable and friendly, and it’s a very welcoming environment to anyone, whatever age or level of fitness. I highly recommend it.
When I was recovering from my spinal surgery I felt in the safest hands doing my rehab in class with the team and Absolute. The instructors are excellent and always know the appropriate modifications for back pain sufferers and injuries. I now work in rehab and they are my go-to studio class referral for people needing to strengthen and mobilise their spines safely.
— Lucy N.